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Hello! Ewing Toel Creative is an

inspired duo. We love art, design & working collaboratively toward
a targeted objective.



Establishing Ewing Toel Creative was a ”no-brainer” for Madison and Brian who have been making art together since they started “family art night” when Madison was a little girl.  This father-daughter duo are passionate about creating, but that is not all they bring to their clients.

Their independent talents come together to create a unique and well rounded design team.  Brian and Madison represent two different genders, generations, and disciplines which allows them to bring a variety of perspectives to their targeted work.


After graduating from San Francisco's renown Academy of Art University with a BFA in Graphic Design, Brian went on to work in the graphic design and advertising/marketing world for over 30 years gaining valuable insight and experience from many vastly different business fields.  Madison graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2017 which gave her up-close access to the newest trends, techniques and creative concepts.


The pair also bring together different specialties.  Brian focused his creative energy on graphic design and
the technical and mechanical side of print production for packaging, collateral, and advertising.  Madison
has focused her efforts on fine art, developing skills in painting, printmaking, photography, art theory
and art history.

Ewing Toel Creative was created because this father-daughter duo knew that they could combine their efforts to create a unique and dynamic team.  They would love to use their well rounded abilities to bring your project to life in the most effective, creative and profitable way possible.



We would be thrilled to hear from you about the scope and timing of your business or personal needs and how you feel that we may be a good fit.  We desire to build many long-term relationships that will be mutually respectful and beneficial to everyones success!


Merced, CA

Ph: 209.752.2923

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